Xt44 Multi Maintenance Spray

Xt44 Multi Maintenance Spray
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Brand:  Everbuild



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XT44 has 100s of uses around the home, garage, workshop and in industry. Penetrates rusted parts and fastenings to assist dismantling, lubricates locks, hinges and tools. Can be used to protect metals and tools from rusting. Can be used to assist starting wet petrol engines and damp ignition systems.

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Soudal Glass and Mirror Industrial Strength Spray Cleaner

MPN 156176

Barcode 5411183177093

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Soudal Glass and Mirror Foam Cleaner is a highly effective professional quality fast acting, non-smear, cleaning agent.

The cleaner is well suited for the removal of grease deposits such as finger prints, insect excrement, nicotine, soap residues and other dirt.

Use on most types of glass surfaces, mirrors and other hard surfaces.

The cleaner dries without leaving any streaks and does not stain.

Soudal Glass and Mirror Foam Cleaner is a cleaning spray with active foam technology in aerosol packaging.

The aerosol packaging also allows difficult-to-reach areas to be cleaned effectively and effortlessly in just a matter of seconds.

Cleaning of plastics and hard surfaces such as chrome and laminates.

Can be used around the home as well as professional and industrial applications.

Benefits and Areas of Use

Use on glass mirrors and plastic
Chrome and laminate cleaning.
May also be used on other plastic's such as garden furniture.
Fast drying
Removes ingrained dirt.
Fast Acting
Fast drying
Non smearing
Multipurpose use
Non abrasive
Time Saving
Cleans and degreases
Economical in use 750ml = 10 Litres of cleaning agent


Shake the aerosol can well before use.
Keep the aerosol can upright at all times during use and fully press the nozzle.
For best results, apply soudal Glass and Mirror Foam Cleaner on the surface to be cleaned.
Let it work for about 20 seconds and then rub thoroughly until the surface is dry.
Always work with a clean cloth to avoid contamination of the surface.
This process can be repeated where necessary.
Test for adverse effects on the surface in advance this is rare.

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